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DDC is getting a makeover!

We have rolled out a new version of the website for everyone. It includes new enhancements, more intuitive menus, and a brand new look. You can use your existing DDC username and password after clicking the button below.

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Why the changes?

In order to accomodate some of the feature requests we've received from our users, we needed to upgrade our backend infrastructure. With this in place on the new site, we can more easily roll out new features and site updates.

We'd like to thank you for your feedback and emphasize that if you have any questions at all, please contact us at or just click here to send us a note.

What's new

  • New web address: (*
  • Streamlined user management
  • Clearer confirmations for saving, editing...
  • Enhanced security (HTTPS)
  • New Review Batches layout
  • Decimal support in Exams
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes
  • And much more...

The CaseNEX family

Our changes also lay the foundation for integration with the fantastic CaseNEX family of products:

  • Skedula School Management Portal
  • Graduation Eligibility Tracking System
  • NCLB Tracking System
  • Pupil Path - Parent/Student Portal
  • TPR - Teacher Performance Record

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* You no longer need to know your district's customized web address to access the site. Once you log in, DDC will automatically know your district and permissions.